The Car Wash Professionals are Here

STOP! Why are you driving a dirty car?

You know what we mean.

Not the kind of dirty where your windows have a few bugs on them…No, we’re talkin’ the kind of dirty where you can barely see out your rear view window.

Instead of driving the dirt mobile, why not just get your car cleaned by the experts who know how to handle your vehicle with care?

You don’t like standing out in the cold and scraping insects off your window, you say? You hate waiting in the lines at the automated gas station washes because they take FOREVER? Well lucky for you, there is the perfect solution out there waiting for you.

Nothing beats a squeaky clean car! And now it’s easier, and more affordable than ever to have that shiny, fresh, off-the-lot look that you deserve! With 3 convenient locations, you’re sure to drive by a Crazy Clean Car Wash when you’re out and about.

As your Top Rated Local® car wash in Odessa, Crazy Clean Car Wash is exactly what you need – we’re the ones who can give your car a crazy-clean car wash. Known for being the safest, soft touch express car wash in Texas, not only will your car look magnificent, but you can feel confident about the unique foam brushes used to clean it. Offering three different washes that all use spot-free water (that is purer than Dasani!), and providing you with free vacuums, we are proud to say that you can kiss your days of filth goodbye.

When you want clean, you want Crazy Clean Car Wash. Come in today and stop feeling crazy about what you are driving.