When one is making self-improvement goals and thinking of how to boost their confidence and sense of self-worth, the first answer they hear is seldom, if ever, “go wash your car.” However, you’d be surprised to know how much a clean car can affect your day-to-day mood! While it’s a small and simple thing, there are several reasons why maintaining a clean car can actually make a measurable improvement on your life. Here are just a few of them!

Cluttered Spaces Stress Us Out

Did you know that the connection between clutter and stress is something that is well-documented in the scientific community? Indeed, many studies have been done to research how clutter affects our subconscious minds, and the results are consistent across them all — clutter stresses us out.

When a personal space is cluttered, it first and foremost, creates distraction. This is a subconscious sort of distraction that we may not realize we’re experiencing, but it happens nonetheless, and you don’t need us to tell you that being distracted while driving is a bad thing. Your mind should be as crisp and focused as it can be, especially if you’re in stressful situations, like driving in a crowded downtown area.

Clutter nearby could very well add to your stress levels while you drive. Consider cleaning the interior of your car using the free car vacuum that you can find at any one of our three Crazy Clean Car Wash locations!

Cleanliness Gives a Good Impression

Another reason why it’s good to have a clean car — both inside and out — is because of the effect that it has on other people. While you may not care about driving a dirt-caked jalopy which is littered with Burger King wrappers, the hot date you’re picking up very well might feel differently.

It could be a romantic interest who gets a poor first impression, a significant other who’s getting tired of your uncleanliness, or an authority figure who ends up unexpectedly needing a ride from you — whoever it is, your automotive tidiness says a lot about you. What kind of car would you rather these people ride in — a shiny, beautiful one with a clean dashboard and spotless seats, or a dirty smelly junker that’s riddled with clutter? The answer, of course, is obvious.

It Helps You Feel in Control

Another reason why clutter can be a source of stress in our lives is that it’s a small subtle reminder (whether we realize it or not) that we don’t have mastery over the small little things in our lives.

Think about it — how much work does it truly take to clean up junk that’s lying around? How much time does it really take out of your schedule to just stop and tidy up? When we constantly live (and drive) in dirty spaces, it’s a subtle little reminder that we’re not even taking care of problems that are easily preventable.



Believe it or not, maintaining a clean car can help with this. Life constantly overwhelms us with all kinds of seemingly insurmountable challenges — they’re harder to face when you feel like you can’t even take care of the easy stuff.

Fortunately, keeping your car clean is just that — easy! In fact, if you order a monthly pass from Crazy Clean Car Wash, you can get unlimited car washes in any of our three Odessa locations for 30 days straight. You simply drive up, and let our automated car wash do its work. How hard is that? And if you’re really ambitious, you can use the free car vacuums we have at our locations. Win-win!

Car Washes in Odessa, Texas

If you’re in or around the Odessa area, there’s only one option if you want the best car washes in town — Crazy Clean Car Wash! We have three locations, ensuring that we’ll be nearby no matter where you are in town. If you have any questions about our automated car wash services, contact us today, and be sure to stop by!