Cars get messy. It’s just a fact! Whether you have three kids or none, chances are you’ve dealt with items that don’t belong taking up permanent residence in your car. It may seem like you’ll never have a clean car again. However, this is not the case—our team is here to help you learn some of the top organization tips and tricks for your car. Once everything is organized, come use our free car vacuum and get a car wash that will make your car “crazy clean!”

Shoe Organizer

Put a shoe organizer on the back side of the passenger’s seat. This is perfect for toys, handheld electronics, pens, napkins, tissues, empty cups, snacks, and whatever else you may need. They will all be accessible by the driver, and children who are old enough will be able to reach whatever they need without assistance.

Cupcake Liners

As strange as it sounds, you can put the foil that holds cupcakes into the cupholders of your car. If you ever get annoyed with the crumbs and wrappers that seem to accumulate in your cup holders, then this is the trick for you. You can use paper ones and throw them away when you are done, or you can splurge on some silicone ones. These silicone holders will catch everything, and when they get dirty, all you need to do is run them under water to free the dirt.

Coloring Case

If you have a lot of old DVD cases piling up, you can actually reuse some of them as a travel case for your kids’ colored pencils. They may also be able to fit markers and paper for drawing. Simply create a paper pocket on one side for the pencils themselves, and the other side can hold the paper in place. This is easy to keep in the car, and your child can pull it out to color whenever they so choose.

Tissue Boxes and Plastic Bags

Once you go through a box of tissues, don’t throw it away! Instead, stuff it full of plastic bags to be stored in the car. These makeshift trash bags will be more beneficial than you may anticipate. For example, a trash emergency or even a vomit emergency can be solved if you have enough bags on hand!

Cereal Container

A cereal container can work as quite the durable, yet easy-to-fit trash can. Any road trip is going to demand that you and your passengers have access to a trash can, and this portable option is the way to do it. Most containers fit easily in between the center console and the backseat, so there should be few worries about being able to reach the trash can. This is a good option for children who will be throwing away anything that was holding a liquid, as nothing will leak through!

Laundry Basket

Keep a laundry basket in your trunk, but not for laundry. Instead, when you go grocery shopping, put everything into the basket. This will save you trips when walking from the car to the house, as you can fit many bags of groceries into a basket.

Crazy Clean Car Wash

In order to make sure you really keep the inside of your car clean, make sure to stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa to use our free car vacuum! You can make sure the exterior of your car is sparkling like new while also sucking up all the dirt and dust that has accumulated. Crazy Clean Car Wash happily offers monthly packages of different sizes so you can choose the cleaning option that works best for you. Of course, the car vacuum is free to all of our monthly pass users! Contact us today to sign up for yours.