When your car is getting dirty, it’s time to take it to Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa! We have three convenient locations to meet your needs and busy schedule, and we also offer our car vacuum for free after you get the exterior of your car cleaned.

However, a sparkling exterior doesn’t always mean that the inside of your car is at its cleanest. We have compiled a few of our favorite car cleaning tips that can help the interior of your vehicle match the shining, sparkling exterior.

    • Foam paint brush – The foam paintbrushes you can get for just a dollar or so at your local craft store is perfect for brushing away dust between your AC vents.
    • Vacuum – Use a vacuum as you dust to avoid the dust settling elsewhere in the car.
    • Fluffy brush – Using a fluffier brush and a vacuum to clean the knobs and buttons on your car works great to keep dust from settling.
    • Air filter – You can replace the cabin’s air filter if the scents have been less than pleasant.
    • Trash – It’s easy to allow bottles and papers to scatter around your car, so check under the seats and in all the nooks in crannies to get all the loose bits of trash disposed of. We recommend sliding your seat forward and checking underneath the floor mats.
    • Magic Eraser – Gently using a Magic Eraser is a great way to get rid of any stickiness in your car. Be careful to rub gently, as applying too much pressure may damage the fabrics.
    • Toothbrush – For a super deep clean, you can always loosen the dirt that has been embedded in the textures of the vinyl of your car with a toothbrush. Dish soap works very well in cleaning these spots. A toothbrush also works well when getting crumbs out from the little nooks in your seats. Vacuum these after they have been loosened.
    • Olive oil – As odd as it sounds, olive oil works wonders when you need to polish the leather on your dashboard.
    • Spray bottle and squeegee – If you have any pets, it’s easy for pet fur to get trapped in the fabric of our seats. When this happens, you can spray the fabric with water and use the squeegee to loosen the fur in clumps. Then, vacuum the clumps.
    • Stain remover – You can spray your dirty floor mats with stain remover and then wash them in the washing machine. Good as new!



Come to Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa!

Our car wash is a step above the rest, and we invite you to check it out today and see for yourself! We have three convenient locations, so you can choose the one closest to you. With unique foam brushes and spot-free water (that is purer than Dasani!), we know that you won’t be disappointed with how clean your car looks. Stop by today for a car wash that will make your car look brand new. Don’t forget to use our car vacuum – it’s free!