We don’t have to tell you there are obvious benefits to washing your car. Aside from the obvious benefit of your car looking much nicer and shinier, car washing can also improve the longevity of your vehicle by breaking down corrosive materials on the finish, preserving the protective coat and underlying paint job. But, there’s one benefit of car washes that’s not often mentioned—its stress-relieving properties!

We are, of course, talking about automated machine washes, like the ones we have at Crazy Clean Car Wash, in Odessa, TX. Automatic car washes can be therapeutic—it’s a brief reprieve from the outside world, where you’re isolated in your own space, and your car feels safer than usual when you’re aware of the fact that not even one drop of water penetrates the interior. A car wash is a good time to kick back, recline in your seat, and enjoy a moment of peace. Do you want to consider going to a car wash to relieve some stress? Consider these occasions.

After a Hard Day at Work

Jobs vary widely and immensely all across the board, but they almost all share one commonality—sometimes you just have hard days. A tough day at work can be soul-sucking. While driving home is a nice reprieve, there might be some leftover stress that still lingers, and sometimes it’s nice to just pull into a car wash, close your eyes, lean back, and relax. You can take a break from driving, from thinking about your job, from all of it, while the car wash machine works its magic. The darker interior is a lovely break from the fluorescent lights of many workplaces or the harsh conditions of the outdoors.

When You Need to Get Out of the House

There are many reasons why you might just need to get up and leave your house for stress-relieving purposes. If you’ve been dealing with difficult family members or roommates, sitting around all day, or slaving away at chores, going out to get an automated car wash might be a good choice. A car wash is a great moment to just put your life on pause for a second to recollect your thoughts and vent out some of your negative energy.

When You’ve Been Driving for a Long Time

Have you ever considered the benefits of car washes on long-distance road trips? For this point, the “two birds with one stone” mentality is significant—a car wash can be a solution to a few different problems at once. First of all, it can provide a much-needed break from driving, if even for just a few minutes. Secondly, cars tend to get pretty dirty after long trips on the road. Dirt and bugs are the biggest offenders; it’s not uncommon to see copious amounts of dead insects splattered on your windshield after a long drive, and that is none-too-pleasant, especially since they can harm your car when left untreated.

Stop By Your Nearby Car Wash Today

You might be surprised to find out how relieving a simple car wash can be. Giving you a brief window to just pause everything for a second, the peace that a car wash provides can go a long way, not to mention you get the other benefits from car washes, such as cleanliness and beautiful aesthetics.

Need somewhere to wash your car in the Odessa area? Stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash! If you take advantage of our monthly passes, you can get a car wash every single day of the month. Order one today!