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Are you tired of your old, clunky, ugly car? The solution is simple — just go buy a brand new one! Well, wait, maybe not. Buying a car can be extremely expensive, and financing one is generally regarded as a poor financial choice given that cars start depreciating the moment you claim ownership of them. So, what to do about your old junker that’s none too easy on the eyes?

As it turns out, there’s actually a lot you can do to make an old car look new. Although you won’t be able to fool people into believing you’re driving a fancy 2019 car with a robotic interface and Batman gadgets in the dashboard, you will have the personal satisfaction of driving around a vehicle you’re proud of.

Want to know how to turn your old piece of junk into a shiny slam dunk? As owners of three car washes in the city of Odessa, we know a thing or two about how to make a car presentable. Keep reading to learn how to beautify your aging vehicle!

Get a New Paint Job

One of the best ways to add some youthfulness to your car is to give it a brand new paint job. In this sense, cars aren’t so different than people. Have you ever seen a makeover show where they transform a totally unassuming person into someone who resembles a supermodel? One’s choice of hairstyle, clothing, and hygiene can make all the difference.

It’s similar with your car. Most cars have the potential to look sleek, even if they’re dated models. But you might have to “redress” them in an outfit that’s more fitting for their character. In the case of your vehicle, this might mean a fresh coat of paint.

Repainting your car its original color will make it feel brand new, as it brings out the vibrant sheen it once had, and covers all the little scuffs that may have been there before. But if you want to go an even more bold route, repainting your car an entirely new color is a great way to mix things up.


Add Some Fancy New Technology

If you haven’t yet gotten sick of your cassette tape auxiliary cord converter, your passengers probably have. Let’s face it, archaic tech is one of the worst parts about old cars now that we’re used to fancy new stuff — but who says that has to be permanent?

Want your car to feel less like a dinosaur? Say goodbye to the prehistoric tech that’s holding it back. You can quite literally equip your car with new technology. The easiest example is equipping a new, high-end sound system, but if you want to be a little more ambitious, you could install a screen interface system into your console area. These typically include features such as on-screen GPS navigation and a rear-facing camera for driving in reverse.

Another option is equipping a dashcam, which is not only an option that brings you into the present, it’s also an all-around good choice for drivers, as dashcams can capture footage of any accidents you have on the road — something that’s proven to be invaluable to countless Texas drivers in court.

Equipping new technology not only makes your car look nicer, it’s also a boon to you as a driver. There is, after all, a reason why most of this stuff is standard in new vehicles — it provides for a safer, easier, and more intuitive driving experience.

Reupholster Your Seats

If you have an old car, the seats have probably suffered for it. We’re talking about years and years of people shifting in and out of them, rubbing against them with every turn, bouncing on them with every bump. We’re talking about soda spills and bread crumbs, rips, tears, and holes.

The point we’re making is that it’s never too late to reupholster your seats. This goes a long way in making your car feel newer, as it’s pretty much impossible to not notice when seats have been thoroughly used. Even if you’ve kept them in relatively good condition, there’s a certain level of wear and tear that’s simply unavoidable.

Aside from that, old seats tend to just look, well, old. Let’s just say that a lot of design motifs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s haven’t really carried over into today, and you might want to reupholster just for the sake of aesthetics alone.

Reupholstering your seats is a great way to keep your car fresh. You can choose a new style, color, and you can have your seats restuffed — often in a way that’s more ergonomic and friendly for your poor back.

Update Your Wheels

The reason we say “update your wheels” instead of “get new wheels” is because there are many ways to make changes to your wheels — and some of them are much more affordable than others.

If you want to go the whole nine yards, replacing your car’s wheels entirely is a great way to keep your car looking brand new, and it doubles as a good long-term maintenance move. There’s no way around it — the newer the wheels are, the better a car runs. New wheels will generally be accompanied by new tires and hubcaps, so this is the most comprehensive option, but also the most expensive one by a long shot.

If you’re not sure whether you’re keeping your car for the long haul, you may want to hold off on new wheels and opt for tires and hubcaps instead. New tires are a boon to any car — and it’s pretty much a required long-term maintenance task. Tires wear down over time, and if they’re too old or ill kept, they can be a legitimate safety hazard.

Of course, if your tires have been recently replaced, maybe you just want some fancy new hubcaps. Go nuts! If you want a classic look that adds style and sophistication for your old vehicle, go right ahead. If you want a shiny chrome spinner, we won’t stop you.

Get Your Car Washed Inside and Out

Finally, the one thing you can do that’s the easiest and cheapest on this list — getting your car washed.

Truth be told, it’s not age that separates a pretty car from an ugly one — it’s cleanliness. You can bet that if someone was driving around an old piece of junk that is nonetheless extremely well-maintained and clean, it’d look a heck of a lot better than a 2019 Tesla that is caked with dirt and muck.

If you’re in the Odessa area, you don’t have to drive far to reach any one of our three Crazy Clean Car Wash locations, which offer the best car wash in town. With our free car vacuum and automated car wash with three tiers of cleanliness, you’ll drive out with a car that looks like it came fresh out of the dealership.

Our car washes also offer the choice of a monthly pass, where you can pay a monthly price (equivalent to three washes) and get unlimited access for the whole month! If you’re really a clean freak, there’d be nothing preventing you from stopping by every single day. In fact, we recommend it!

It’s time to turn your old jalopy into a car that bystanders will envy. Stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash today to get started!