Would it surprise you if we said that there’s an entire science behind car washes? What might seem like an ordinary routine service to you is a highly complex puzzle to industry experts, who are constantly trying to find new ways to innovate the car washing process, and improve the technology in a way that preserves the paint and finish of your car. At Crazy Clean Car Wash, your local car washing experts in the Odessa, TX area, we know car washing!

The most traditional method of car washing has been the good old fashioned hand wash, but the last 50 years or so have given rise to the automated car wash. You know what we’re talking about — the fun little tunnel you drive through at gas stations that use all manner of strange machinery to wash your car while you watch funny cat pictures on your phone.

However, there are many who argue that automatic car washes don’t provide the benefits that a traditional hand wash can. While this was once true when the tech was more primitive, new advancements in machine washing have turned it into a viable option. That being said, each method has its pros and cons. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the benefits and disadvantages or both automatic car washes and self-serve services.

Time Commitment

Automatic Car Wash

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know how long it takes to get through a typical automated wash — who hasn’t used one of these, at least one point in their life? That being said, the washing time can vary with automated services, but, barring long lines, the whole process from start to finish is going to take less than ten minutes. That is, after all, one of the primary intents of this method. It’s hard to deny that, if you’re looking to save time, the auto wash is an ideal choice.

Self Serve Car Wash

There’s no way around it — washing your car by hand just takes more time. Instead of a machine dousing your car and using a variety of tools to clean all at once, you’ve got to do everything yourself, generally with a hose and hand washing tools. This can often lead to a very thorough wash, but make no mistake; you’ll be spending a lot more time and energy. If you’re washing by hand, 10 minutes is a pretty quick job, while something more thorough might take 30 minutes or more!


Automatic Car Wash

We’re used to living in a world where convenience comes at a cost. The truth is, doing things yourself is usually cheaper, but what you’re saving in money you might make up for in time and effort. It’s the same with car washes — automatic car washes make your wallet lighter than self-services do. A typical automatic wash might range anywhere between $5 – $10, whereas you pay by the quarter with a hand washing service.

That’s why, at Crazy Clean Car Wash, we do our best to make our rates affordable! We’re happy to offer monthly passes which grant you unlimited access to our services. Our most premium pass brings the cost to about $1.60 per wash if you were to use it every day, whereas our cheapest package comes out to less than $1 per wash! If you’re in the Odessa, TX area, your car might really appreciate these kinds of deals.

Automatic car washes, while they’re more expensive in theory, can end up providing a lot more bang for your buck if you take advantage of passes and use the services frequently. If you’re only looking to get a car wash every once in a blue moon, hand washing services are going to be the cheaper option.

Self-Serve Car Wash

Hand-washing is almost invariably going to be cheaper unless you’re a frequent washer who takes advantage of pass systems, as we mentioned above. Typically, hand-washing stations are coin-op, giving you more time for every quarter you spend. Because of this, it’s hard to quantify how much an average wash costs, since it highly depends on how thorough you wish to be. Ultimately, the cost for a single wash is generally going to be less than an automatic job.

And, of course, washing at home is the cheapest option (since it’s, y’know, free). But be wary — using the wrong methods or tools can actually damage the finish or paint of your car, which could ultimately incur expenses that dwarf the cost of a simple car wash service.

Quality of Wash

Automatic Car Wash

If it were 20 or 30 years ago, we might say that a hand wash almost invariably does a better job than automatic. But now? We’re not so sure. A lot of research has gone into machine washes, with efforts being made every year to improve the tech and create a system that’s not only more fast and convenient but equally as effective as a hand-done job.

You won’t believe the number of components we have in our system at Crazy Clean Car Wash. Bug remover? Check. Wax? Check. Wheel and tire scrubber? Check. We could go on — crazy triple foam washing, spot-free rinse, instant shine, a cannon dryer, all these things and more are built into our automated system. We also use foam brushes that won’t harm the paint or finish of your car. When it comes down to it, you’re getting a pretty thorough wash with Crazy Clean Car Wash. We can’t speak for every other automated car wash service, but we’re confident in the job that our systems provide.

Self-Serve Wash

This one is tough because the quality of wash is contingent upon the person who’s doing the washing. If we assume that the washer is one who has extensive car washing knowledge and experience, a self-serve job will probably be superior, because it allows you to give specific, focused attention on problem areas.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a washing expert, and if you have a less-than-experienced average joe doing a hand wash, the results could very well turn out worse than even the lowest tier of an automated system. There are mistakes that can be made by hand — the wrong kind of cloth can actually damage your car, and incorrect scrubbing techniques might leave visible swirls or streaks. While the potential of a quality wash is higher when you’re doing it by hand, so too is the margin of error. If the quality of your car washing ability is a dubious prospect, you’re probably safer just bringing it into an automated wash.

Don’t Neglect a Quality Car Wash

At the end of the day, both car washing methods both have their pros and cons. As car wash experts, we believe in the power of hand washing, but we also understand how hard it can be to find the time to do that, especially when you just want to kick back and relax after a hard work day. That’s why we strive to provide incredible automated services at an affordable rate.

If you’re in the Odessa, TX area, consider stopping by Crazy Clean Car Wash today! We promise you’ll love the quality of your car wash, and your car will thank you for it. Contact us or pick up a monthly pass today!