Regularly washing your vehicle is just one of the many duties that come along with owning, renting, and/or driving a car. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, dirt, grime, bird droppings, tree sap, and other natural and unnatural substances will find their way to your car…and they’ll stick. That’s why regularly washing your car is recommended. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons, although there’s nothing that breathes life into your set of wheels better than a sparkly clean exterior.

While we highly encourage you to bring your car into Crazy Clean Car Wash, we understand that sometimes you’re just going to have to pull out the hose and DIY. That’s why today we are going to list out a few car washing do’s and don’ts. Whether you bring your car in to see our car wash professionals or our self-service car wash, or you do it yourself on your street or driveway, you’re going to want to keep the following tips in the forefront of your mind for an efficient and safe car wash experience.

Do: Take Off Jewelry

No matter if you’re taking your car into the self-service car wash at Crazy Clean, or you’re choosing to hose and wipe down your car by yourself, you’re going to want to make sure you keep the surface of the car safe from any scratching that could happen during the washing process. That’s why we recommend you take off any jewelry, rings, bracelets, and even belts that could accidentally brush against the car and scratch it. Also, make sure you’re not wearing any clothing with any big metal zippers or buttons, because the same could happen. Keep the car’s paint and surface intact and store any potential offenders inside the car as you wash.

Do: Clean The Rims

Between focusing on the windshield and the exterior of the car, it’s easy to forget about the rims of your tires, but don’t forget to give those a good scrub too. It is here that dust and grime accumulates, as the tires come in contact with the ground. Depending on how dirty your car is, cleaning the rims might take a little bit longer, but take the time to scrub a little bit. In the long run, you and your car will be thankful.

Don’t: Forget The Interior

The end goal is a sparkly, shimmering car, right? But you can’t forget the interior of your vehicle. Taking some time to detail the interior of your car will add to the overall shine of it. Even if it’s just wiping the dashboard down with microfiber towel or simply throwing out any trash that’s scattered throughout will make your car’s interior much more enjoyable to be in.

Don’t: Drive Off Without Drying

After you wash your car, in your driveway or at Crazy Clean, be sure that you take the time to dry it off. Whether you use an electric dryer or you wipe it down with a towel, this extra step will pay off with a super shiny exterior. If you’re using towels to dry, it may take a few to get the job done. Lay the towel down on the surface and pat it down to absorb the water. Pretty easy, right? Yes, but make sure not to rub or scrub it dry, as this will leave unwanted streaks.

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