When it comes to getting the best possible clean for your car, there is no better place to stop than Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa! We proudly wash cars with foam brushes and water that is purer than most of the bottled waters you can buy at the grocery store. However, how did we get to the point where we are now? What were the first car washes like? If you’ve ever wondered about the history of car washes, then it’s time you read on to learn more from Crazy Clean Car Wash!

The Original Car Wash

Since the creation of cars, people have found a way to wash them. Some chose to wash it by themselves at home, while others opted to hire people to clean their cars by hand for them. Either way, it was not very efficient. However, our story starts in 1914, when two men in Detroit opened the very first car wash business. They called it “Automated Laundry,” but in reality, it was a bucket and sponge cleaning process where the cars were pushed manually through an assembly-line tunnel. The first attendant would soap up the car as it passed by, while the next attendant would rinse away the soap. The final one would dry the car and polish any missing spots. However, after just a few cars, that process would get pretty tiring because of the need to push the car through the tunnel, as well as wash it.

Conveyor Car Wash

The next type of car wash opened in Hollywood, CA in 1940. This car wash hooked up to the bumper of the car and pulled it through the tunnel while the men cleaned the cars and dried them as they passed by. This made the process less tiring, but still not as efficient as the attendants would have liked. However, by 1946, Thomas Simpson made the first ever semi-automatic car wash that made most of the manual labor done in the tunnel irrelevant. It had an overhead water sprinkler, three sets of manually operated brushes, and an air blower to dry the car at the end of the wash.

Fully Automated

Once 1951 rolled around, Archie, Dean, and Eldon Anderson decided to fully automate a car wash in Seattle. It was the first hands-free automatic car wash. Not long after, just about every car wash company was installing automatic parts and equipment within their business. Cars were now being pulled through the tunnel while machines covered them with soap. Large brushes scrubbed them until there was no dirt left to find, water hoses and nozzles sprayed the soap off, and blow dryers ensured that they were ready to hit the road!


The 1960s ensured that almost every car wash in America was now automated and fully mechanized. Advanced technologies, such as wraparound brushes, roller on-demand conveyor belts, soft cloth friction washing, and recirculating water systems all became staples in the industry. The car washes of today are so advanced that they can now wash all parts of the car while remaining eco-friendly, including the tires and even the underside. These washes use soap that is gentler on your car than the soaps used previously, and they can now use less water and electricity than before to fully power the wash. Newer car washes, such as Crazy Clean Car Wash, also have begun to use advanced technology to give your car the best clean possible, including foam brushes and pure water.

Come See Us at Crazy Clean Car Wash

We at Crazy Clean Car Wash want you to have the best clean for your car, which is why we use only the best and latest technology. Our car washes feature foam brushes, water purer than most bottled waters, and an attention to detail that other car washes lack. Come to one of our three Odessa locations today and experience the clean for yourself! We also offer our car vacuums for free after your wash, so you can have a car that’s clean both inside and out. When your car is looking dirty and needs a little cleaning, swing by our car wash and leave driving a car that looks as good as new!