Chances are you don’t wash your car every week, but we also hope you aren’t the kind of person who waits around for someone to scratch the words, “Clean me!” into your rear windshield before you take your car to the car wash. However, many people don’t know when the right time is between these points and just tend to make their way to the car wash when they start to get annoyed with the dirt. However, maintaining a clean car can actually help protect its resale value and helps prevent contaminants, such as pollen, tree sap, bug guts, and pollutants from adhering to your car.

If you aren’t sure when the best time is to wash your car, answer the following questions:

  • Location – Where do you live? Some of you may be closer to the city, while others of you reside in rural areas. Depending on where you live, you may be more exposed to dirt, pigeon poo, and other things that can cause your car to build up dirt.
  • Driving habits – If you drive an hour to and from work every day, you may be gathering more dirt on your vehicle than someone who only has to drive a mile to and from work each day. The longer you need to drive your car each day, the longer it is exposed to the dirt, bugs, and other gross problems that can adhere to your car.
  • Vehicle storage – Some of you may have a garage where you keep your car on a daily basis while others have to park outside. Unfortunately for those who are stuck parking in a lot with no covering, their cars are often more exposed to leaves, inclement weather, and birds playing target practice.
  • Appearance preferences – Do you care if your car is dirty, or do you prefer to roll around in a sleek, new-looking car? Your preferences will determine how often you will really want to get your car washed.

Immediate Situations

Of course, there are a few instances where washing your car within the week is the best option for both you and your car. For example:

  • Bug guts – If you’ve driven through a particularly thick cloud of bugs and left very few survivors, you may be stuck with some splattered guts on your car. Not only does this look gross, but over time, they can actually bond to the paint of the car and the finish. After this happens, it can be really hard to remove the bugs without damaging the paint.
  • Bird droppings – Once that poo lands on your car, it can dry up and harden quite quickly in the Odessa sun. This will lead to etching and damage to your car’s paint! Of course, the longer the droppings stay, the more damage it can cause. Remove these as quickly as possible!
  • Heat – Living in Odessa means we get a lot of heat, which unfortunately speeds up the damage caused by our environment. Excessive exposure to heat can also lead to the wax protection on your car melting off, which can limit the number of contaminants it secures your vehicle from.

Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa

If you are interested in purchasing an unlimited number of car washes per month, it’s time to contact Crazy Clean Car Wash today! We are happy to provide the highest quality car wash when you need it without a monthly pass, but with our environment, the monthly pass may just be the way to go. Come see us today for a car wash you will love, as well as free access to our car vacuums!