Everyday, people’s paint finishes on their cars get damaged, and most of the time they don’t even notice. Yes, when someone sees some bird droppings on their car, they are bound to notice, but there are many things that you cannot see that may be damaging your car’s finish.

Today we will discuss how paint finishes can be damaged, and precautionary steps to avoid damages.

What Damages My Car’s Finish?


Sunlight can be damaging to a car’s finish if the car is always exposed to the elements. Think of the car’s finish as skin. Just as we can get sunburnt, our car’s “skin” can be damaged too.

Animal Droppings

The most common culprit of this damaging substance is the bird, but other animals may also partake in damaging the finish on your car. Normally, when you think of birds chirping you most likely think about being in the park on a sunny day, but what we hear at Crazy Clean Car Wash is the impending bombardment of our cars. Animal droppings, particularly that of birds, is extremely acidic and if left on the car’s finish for too long can damage its integrity.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is an extremely sticky and invasive substance that is incredibly hard to remove once it is on your car. Not to mention tree sap also picks up all sorts of dirt and sediments from the road that you don’t want on your car.

How Do I Avoid These Damaging Substances?

Keep Your Vehicle Covered

The best way to keep your car’s finish from being damaged is to properly store your car in a covered location. There are many options to consider depending on where you live, but the most common forms of cover that people use are garages, cloth car covers, and parking garages. Keeping your car covered protects it from the sun, droppings, and tree sap but what if you actually want to drive your car?

Clear Coat Paint Finishes and Wax

Another way to protect the finish on your car is to put a protective layer of wax or clear coat over the outermost layer of your cars finish. Clear coat is essentially a clear paint that is painted over the colored paint and is meant to protect the pigmented paint from dirt, debris, and other damaging substances. Wax is similar to clear coating in the sense that it is applied as a protective layer on a car. The difference between wax and clear coat is that wax is temporary. There is one more solution to avoiding damaging the finish on your car, and it is our personal favorite.

Ask Yourself “What Is The Best Car Wash Near Me?”

Crazy Clean Car Wash is dedicated to being the best self-service car wash in the Odessa area. Come visit us and let us help you protect your car’s finish by giving it a quick clean, and then draping it in a protective layer of wax. If you are seriously determined to protect your car’s finish check out our monthly unlimited car wash options so that you can protect your finish to the best of your ability.

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