The glorious summer has arrived. And with it, the fun prospect of needing to put extra care into the health of your car. While it’s pretty much always hot here in Odessa, Texas, anyone who lives here can attest to how it’s even hotter during these summer months. That, combined with some other factors, can be taxing for your car.

Our team at Crazy Clean Car Wash loves cars. A car wash in itself is an act that represents care for your vehicle. After all, car washes have a lot of benefits that go beyond aesthetics alone. But there are many other things you can do to take care of your car, prolonging its longevity and ensuring you’ll get the most use out of it as possible. In this hot summer, make sure to take care of the following things:

Make Sure Your Coolant System is Up to Par

Did you know that cars, like people, can literally overheat and stop working? If you don’t believe us, you’ve never had a sudden breakdown in the throes of the Las Vegas summer heat. The good news is that this isn’t common unless your car has been lacking in certain critical maintenance jobs, one of them being the upkeep of your coolant system.

When this is out of whack, it will make not only the driver and passengers hot (which could actually be dangerous in the Texas heat), but the car will run hot too, maybe breaking down if it gets out of control. Do yourself a favor and avoid repair costs by getting ahead of the problem. Make sure your car has coolant, and check your hoses and connections.

Replace Your Wipers

You might think there’s a conspiracy in the big windshield wiper industry — how come they only ever go bad in the exact region that’s right in your line of sight? Almost every driver has experienced failing wipers, and if you’re sporting them on your car, it’s time to get them replaced.
While snow isn’t something we have to worry about in an Odessa summer (or ever, really), rain isn’t quite as uncommon, as well as other materials that might accumulate on your windshield over time. And unless you get a proper car wash after a rain, you might have spotting or inconsistent streaks on your windshield.

Why is this important? Try driving west during a sunset with a dirty windshield and you’ll have your answer. The sun, when it’s positioned in a certain way relative to your vehicle, can light up all the streaks on your windshield in all the wrong ways, effectively blinding you. This can be dangerous and scary when you’re caught off guard.

Check Your Battery

According to AAA Exchange, extreme heat is the number one cause of reduced battery life, and battery failure altogether. In a nutshell, the summer heat can accelerate battery loss and expedite oxidation. In a severe enough case, this can lead to unexpected breakdowns.

The car battery is one thing that a lot of people tend to neglect in their car checkups. We kind of just take it for granted that our battery works, and even though most people know that it’s not going to last forever, they usually just assume that it will be tomorrow when it goes out — not today.

Make Sure Your Car is Clean

In these months, summer irritants and particles abound. Pollen, in particular, can cause problems for your car, and it’s good to just stay ahead of these problems by periodically washing your car. If you have trouble with a car that constantly gets dirty, one of the best things you can do is sign up for a monthly car wash pass. If you do this through Crazy Clean Car Wash, a one-time monthly payment allows you to get unlimited car washes during that month. Want to come in and wash your car every single day of the month? No problem!

Keeping your car clean will improve the health of your car, from the clear coat and paint job down to the internals. And, of course, there’s the added benefit of looking nice. What do you have to lose?

…But Don’t Wash it Under the Sun

Finally, it’s important to note that, while it’s important to keep your car fresh and clean, you should avoid washing it under the direct sunlight. There are many reasons for this, so many that we’ve written a separate blog post on the matter. In short, washing your car under the summer heat can make the job much longer and inefficient, and if done improperly, can actually cause more harm than good. Besides, you know how hot the Texas sun is — do you really want to be out under it in the first place?

Car Washes in Odessa, Texas

At Crazy Clean Car Wash, we offer incredible value to our Odessa clients. In addition to providing quality car washes at affordable rates, our monthly passes allow you to come in as many times as you want. Regardless of where you are in Odessa, you’ll probably find one of our three locations nearby at any given moment. There are all kinds of things you should do to your car this summer to make sure it’s in good health — why not start with the easiest one, and come in for a car wash? Ready to get started? Stop by, or contact us today!