While Texas isn’t exactly the victim of intense snowfall and freezing winters, spring nonetheless has arrived, and for many people, it’s nice to begin these hotter seasons with a nice, clean car. The thing is, there are so many car washes around that it can be hard to decide which one. You could, for example, just pull out your phone, search “car wash near me,” and just go to the nearest result. This may lead you to the best car wash, but it also might not.

Instead of just going to any old car wash, why not go to one that’s the absolute best for your needs? While many people assume that every car wash is the same, there are actually differences between all of them and it’s beneficial in the long-term to know what to look for in a car wash.

Do you live in or around Odessa and you want to keep your car in tip-top shape? Here are some things to look for in a Texas car wash.


While most car washes feel the same, they actually vary greatly in the chemicals and tools they use. Some washes are extremely basic, while others give your car the equivalent of a comprehensive spa treatment. But in any case, it’s nice to find a car wash that provides variety, because then you can choose a wash that’s best suited for your vehicle.

At Crazy Clean Car Wash, we offer three different tiers of car wash. Our namesake, the Crazy Clean Wash, provides by far the most thorough treatment — there are 11 different elements in this wash. You’ll get bug remover, tire shine, crazy triple foam, wax, Ice Instant Shine, and more! Our other washes provide fewer options, but they’re also offered at a lower price, and sometimes you don’t need the whole shebang — if you’re pretty proactive about keeping your car clean, sometimes it’s better to just pay less for a simple spot-free rinsing.

But either way, it’s nice to have the choice! You don’t want to be overpaying for a super deluxe car wash if you only need something simple, and you also don’t want to be limited to a wash that’s too basic when your car is a total mess.

Bug Remover

If you’ve lived in Texas for even a week, you’ll know that bugs are a constant nuisance, and it only gets worse in the summer months where the heat and humidity is at its highest. The importance of bug remover depends on one’s location, but make no mistake — if you’re in Texas, you’re going to need it.

The problem with bugs is that they have a unique, nasty combination of ingredients which makes them stick to your windshield. If you don’t take care of them quickly, they can actually bind to the glass like super glue, and in a worst-case scenario, removing them could actually cause cracks and breaks.

Look for a car wash that has bug remover in their chemicals! This will make sure that those pesky bugs are cleaned safely and effectively — bug remover is meant to get them off your windshield, along with any other unseen residue they may leave behind.


This isn’t really a Texas thing, but remember to choose a car wash that’s in a good location relative to you. While we can talk all day about being the best car wash in the Odessa area, it doesn’t mean much if half the people in the city have to drive a great distance to reach us.

That’s why Crazy Clean Car Wash has three different Odessa locations! We want our car washes to be as accessible as possible, and because we’re so spread out, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a Crazy Clean location relatively close to you no matter where you are.

Free Car Vacuum

Washing your car doesn’t just mean taking care of the outside — the interior of your car needs some attention to, and for this kind of cleaning, nothing is more valuable than a free car vacuum. Don’t put up with car washes who make you pay for this — it’s easy for a car wash owner to allow for free vacuum access, and you can bet that our locations have just that in order to provide the best experience.

Even if you’re being careful, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid a buildup of dust, dirt, and crumbs in your car. If you have kids, there’s no way you’re getting away with a clean interior, but even the tidiest of people will need to pull the vacuum out every once in a while.

It’s amazing how much a thorough vacuuming job can improve the inside of your car. This also makes it far easier to wash or scrub any components should you have a need for that.


It’s definitely great to go through a car wash that delivers the entire world on a platter, but at what point do car washes become too expensive? While we can go on and on about how great a car wash is, the bottom line is that you can only charge so much for one, and it’s totally reasonable if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck.

One of the best car wash values you can possibly find is our monthly passes. At Crazy Clean Car Wash, you can get one pass for the price of three washes, which allows you unlimited car washes for a whole month! Indeed, you could come in every single day if you wanted, or even twice a day if you really want to go nuts. You may not have a habit of going through multiple car washes a month, but it’s never too late to start. You might just find that you love having a car that’s shiny and clean at all times.


Finally, what could be more important than results? That’s really the end-all answer to everything. Despite everything else we’ve listed, if the car wash does a bad job, it’s not worth your time. That’s why we invite you to come try out Crazy Clean Car Wash — we’re confident in our service and we know that you’ll be satisfied when you come to get a wash.

Are in Odessa or passing through? We’d love for you to stop by! We invite you to come to one of our three locations, and to contact us if you have any questions!