Everyone has different habits when it comes to cleaning out and washing their car. Some love the feeling of having a clean car inside and out, while others are perfectly content with dried mud on their car and keep it well-stocked with clothes, snacks, coupons, the list goes on. No matter what your cleanliness standards are, it’s still important to consider when cleaning out your car and bringing it to Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa is a good idea.

Avoid the Springtime Stickies

Who doesn’t love spring? With so much to enjoy, like the sound of birds chirping outside your window in the morning, the smell of blooming flowers and warm weather perfect for spending time outside, we often forget about the sticky downsides to spring. Odessa, TX is known for particularly warm spring weather, which leads to many cars being covered in tree sap, sticky pollen, bug guts and other insect and bird excrement, to name a few. Thanks to these pesky forces of nature, you should regularly bring your car in for a wash during the spring and summer months in order to avoid walking out to a sticky mess in the parking lot.

Consider Your Commute

Whether you drive to work through smog every day or are planning a dusty road trip to Moab, remind yourself of the consequences the commute has on your car and plan accordingly. If you work in a big city and regularly leave your car parked amidst a smoggy haze, the constant exposure to pollutants can eventually discolor and even corrode your paint if you never give your car a good sudsy scrub. Dirt, on the other hand, is not nearly as damaging to your car’s exterior, but regularly washing it off does ultimately help preserve the integrity and value of your vehicle.

Selling Your Car

If you plan on selling your car anytime in the near future, it’s best to start preserving its value right away by giving it a gentle wash with a foam brush and warm water every week. This prevents corrosive pollutants, sticky bug excrement and other pesky adherents from latching onto your car at the last minute, resulting in a gamble when it comes to sealing the deal with your buyer.

Whether you constantly expose your car to airborne contaminants, are planning a trip to the mountains or desert, notice an increase in springtime stickies or are selling your car soon, treating your car to a regular wash will save you lots of money in the long run. When it’s time for your next car wash, head over to Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa and start seeing the benefits of giving your vehicle the self service car wash it deserves!