Whether you are someone who meticulously cleans their car each week or you think that a little rain counts as a car wash, we have the perfect solution for you. Crazy Clean Car Wash is happy to offer you a single car wash at a time, but we would be delighted to provide you with our unlimited car wash service. That’s right—whether you need four washes a month or fourteen, we want to help you have the cleanest car you’ve ever had. When we say cleanest, we mean both inside and out! Read on to learn why an unlimited monthly pass is a perfect choice for you and your vehicle.

Clean When You Need It

Foam brushes and spot-free water treatments are not a dime a dozen, and we know that you need to get a carwash on your time. Instead of hopping from one car wash spot to the next and gamble how clean your car will really be once you’re done, you can choose to come see us at Crazy Clean Car Wash. Get the clean car you need WHEN you need it. If you got your car washed and it rains two days later, you can laugh it off instead of grumbling with your peers. Just come on back to one of our locations. We’ll handle the rest!

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

A monthly unlimited pass, regardless of the package you choose, is roughly only two and a half to three times what you would have paid for one car wash. That means that if you like to get three washes or more a month, you will be saving crazy amounts of money on washing your car. Not only that, but we offer so much more than an average car wash does! Our clean really goes above and beyond, so why not pay for the best service around at the most discounted prices?

Free Vacuum

Have you ever had someone climb into your car, only to apologize about the mess? While we can’t throw away your discarded coffee cups and receipts for you, we certainly can provide a free car vacuum. Each time you stop for a car wash, you can use our free vacuum to clean the floor and floor mats in your car. Even the seats! No more worrying about the toast crumbs your kid left in the back seat or the dirt you tracked in from your day in the sun. Get rid of everything inside and out in one convenient location as often as you need.

Customizable Options

Whatever your budget may be, we can meet your needs! And, regardless of which package you choose, you still get unlimited car washes for the entire month.

  • Basic Wash – This wash includes a double pre-soak, a light wash, a spot-free rinse, and our cannon dryer! With this basic package, you’ll be ready to hit the road as quickly as you need!
  • Better Wash – Need a more advanced wash? We get it. That’s why we offer our Better Wash, which includes bug remover, hand pre-scrub, a double pre-soak, wheel/tire scrubber, crazy triple foam, wax, clear coat, spot-free rinse, cannon dryer, and a hand dry service. Now THAT is clean!
  • Crazy Clean Wash – Ready for the finest in all car washes? This is it! Bug remover, hand pre-scrub, fire clean and protect, crazy triple foam, wax, ice instant shine, spot-free rinse, tire shine, cannon dryer, and hand drying services all in one? Talk about a deal.

Come See Us

If you are ready for a crazy clean that will last all month long, then it’s time to sign up for our incredible services. Stop in and see us for a car wash whenever you feel the need. We can help your car look better than it did the day you drove it home for the first time. Find out what a difference a real cleaning can make and come see us today! We proudly use water that is purer than Dasani drinking water, and our foam brushes ensure that your car is in safe hands during the entire washing process. We’ll see you at one of our three Odessa locations soon! Call us if you have any questions!