Most people have experienced having to part ways with a car that they particularly loved, whether that be for reasons of automotive issues or it just being time for an upgrade. As hard as it can be to let go of the car that fostered so many of your memories, there are a couple things that you can do to it before you sell it to its new owner to ensure that they get the same great experience.

In this blog post today, we are going to discuss ways to clean your car before you sell it.

Cleaning The Exterior Of The Car

One of the best things that you can do before selling your car is cleaning the outside of the car. Whether you have been simply procrastinating getting a car wash for months, park under a tree heavily inhabited by birds, or simply just want that extra little glimmer to an already clean car, Crazy Clean Car Wash is your one-stop-shop for car beautification. Here at Crazy Clean Car Wash, we have a couple different packages that might be situationally most-beneficial to your car. Let’s check them out!

The Crazy Clean Wash, For Crazy Dirty Cars

Our most intensive self-service car wash is the Crazy Clean Car Wash, and its name speaks true to how well it will clean your car. Even if you haven’t gotten a car wash in a couple of months, this car wash will have the outside of your car looking like new. With bug remover, hand pre-scrub, tire scrubber and shiners, triple foam and a nice waxing to top it off, the Crazy Clean Wash might be the automotive equivalent of a day-spa!

If you are satisfied enough with the Crazy Clean Wash that you want to be a return customer, be sure to check out our unlimited car washes offer.

The Better Wash, For Cars That Better Get Washed Soon

Our mid-grade car wash, the better wash, is the perfect car wash for a car that has not gotten a good wash in a week or two. While it is not as intensive as the Crazy Clean Wash, it does still have services like bug remover, hand pre-scrub, triple foam, spot-free rinse, and waxing services. This is the perfect wash for someone that doesn’t necessarily have the dirtiest of cars but could still use a little bit of extra shine before being sold.

The Basic Wash, For Basically Clean Cars

You might be asking yourself, “if my car is basically clean why would I need to wash it before selling it?”, and you’re not wrong to think that way but we guarantee that it will help. Sometimes a wash as simple as a light pre-soak, mist, and spot-free rinse like in our Basic Wash is just enough to give your car that extra shine that you were looking for. Now it is bound to catch your buyer’s eye!.

If you are interested in the features of our Basic Wash check out our unlimited monthly washes that are available at our three car wash locations in Odessa.

Cleaning The Interior Of Your Car

Below is a list of interior car cleaning techniques that will be sure to make your car’s new owner happy.

  • Use our high-pressure free vacuums to clean up the hard to reach areas of your car that might be full of the french fries that were lost this year.
  • Use a q-tip dipped in a cleaning solution to wash small interior knobs and buttons to make them shine.
  • Spray odor eliminating aerosols in the air intake of the car and run the air conditioning for ten minutes. This will eliminate odors and leave your car smelling like new.  
  • Clean the stains out of your seats by using a cleaning solution for leather seats, or a shampooing solution for cloth seats.
  • Clean your carpets by shampooing the floors of your car, this will also remove the scents of any liquids spilled in the past.

Now It’s Time To Sell Your Car

Sadly, now that your car is clean it is time to sell it to its next lucky owner, but at least you can do so knowing that it’s clean. Come visit us at Crazy Clean Car Washes for all of your car wash and vacuum needs! Check out our car wash packages today!