We talk about car washes a whole lot in our blogs, but we admittedly tend to focus on cleaning the outside of the car. Crazy Clean Car Wash is, after all, a car wash, and when most people think of those words, they envision the exterior metal sheens of their vehicles getting a good scrubbing, whether by machine or hand.

But it’s just as important to keep the interior of your car clean, and that’s why we offer free car vacuums. So, before you whip out your phone, search “car washes near me,” and drive to the nearest result, consider whether or not they offer free vacuums. If you’re anywhere in Odessa, Texas, it’s likely that one of our Crazy Clean Car Washes are nearby, where you can get a comprehensive wash and free car vacuums all in one.

Are you a novice at vacuuming your car? Not to worry, we’re here to save the day. There are, in fact, a lot of useful tricks that you can employ when you’re cleaning your car interior.

If you’re like most people, you probably are going to vacuum your car in the same visit that you get a car wash. Most people don’t go out of their way to only do vacuuming jobs, so it’s important to get the best use out of the free car vacuum that you possibly can. Follow these steps to give the interior of your car a comprehensive cleaning job.

Remove Garbage, Clutter, and Objects

One of the first things you need to do for a comprehensive vacuuming job is to ensure that nothing is getting in your way. If there are any larger pieces of garbage that aren’t fit for the vacuum, clear them out. Additionally, it helps to get rid of any clutter or miscellaneous objects. So no, you don’t have to throw your favorite water bottle in the trash, but it’s not a bad idea to place it outside for a little bit while you’re doing work.

People tend to pass over certain areas when there are objects in the way. You might find yourself subconsciously giving less attention to these spots, so to maintain consistency, it’s best to have a blank canvas.
Remove the Floor Mats and Beat the Dust Out of Them

The floor mats are by far the dirtiest part of your car’s interior, so it might feel counterproductive to remove them. Not to worry — they will get special attention of their own later. But when you’re just getting started, it’s good to remove them for a few reasons.

First of all, a ton of the dust and dirt that finds itself accumulating on your floor mats will inevitably find its way underneath it. Even if your foot never touches the material underneath your floor mats, you may be surprised to see how dirty it gets.

Secondly, the floor mats are easier to clean when you can handle them separately. Getting them out of the car allows you to beat some of the dust out of them (the same way you would a rug), making things easier for the vacuum and for yourself.

Use Compressed Air in Difficult Spots

If you really want to do a comprehensive job with your car vacuum, consider investing in some compressed air before you start your cleaning job. This will allow you to spray down “problem spots” in your car that aren’t so easy to get with traditional cleaning tools. For some examples, you’re basically looking for anything that’s hard to reach with a vacuum tip, fingers, cleaning rag, etc. Spraying this down the sides of your seats, around your shifter, and into the air vents might loosen up a lot of dust that’s been settling for a while.

Do this before your vacuum job, so you’ll be able to get everything in one go. You don’t want to pristinely vacuum your car, only to do this afterwards and have to run over a bunch of spots with the vacuum again.

Treat Hard Surfaces With a Cloth

Whether you got your car in 2018 or 1928, it’s bound to have some hard surfaces. Most modern cars have hard dashboards and middle consoles, for example. A good tactic for a thorough interior car cleaning is to wipe these down with a cloth. These have likely accumulated a lot of dust over the years, and even the best vacuums can have a hard time displacing dust that isn’t intent on moving.

This will allow you to loosen up a lot of material that your vacuum will pick up, which will ultimately result in the cleanest dashboard you’ve seen in ages.

Start Vacuuming High and Go Low

This is a trick that applies to cleaning in general, assuming you’re planning on vacuuming or sweeping. It’s good to start out high and go lower as you go. In the context of vacuuming a car, that means starting out where your dashboard is. The reason for this is that if any dust or dirt gets displaced and falls down, you’ll be able to suck it up when you go down to the next level.

So, a good route is generally to start with vacuuming your dashboard and then hitting up your seats. When you feel confident that you’ve thoroughly vacuumed your upholstery, you can move on to the floorboards, where a lot of dust is likely to have accumulated.

Finally, when you’re satisfied that you’ve vacuumed everything you can, it’s time to treat the floor mats outside. Vacuum up whatever your beating job couldn’t get rid of, and make sure you cover both sides. If you’ve made good use of the free car vacuum, your car should be looking spotless!

Car Washes With Vacuums in Odessa, Texas

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It’s important to keep your car clean for many reasons. Time to stop putting it off — stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash today, and consider investing in a monthly unlimited pass!