Washing one’s car is, unfortunately, a fairly important task that’s often neglected or forgotten by car owners. Car washing isn’t just for looks — it preserves the health of your finish, cleans out grime that could decrease performance, and makes for an overall safer driving experience. And yes, not looking like a slob is a perk that shouldn’t be ignored.

Sadly, there are many who rarely wash their car, and when they do, the experience is hampered by misconceptions that may or may not affect the quality of the wash. At Crazy Clean Car Wash, we’ve run into these myths time and time again and we want to help clear them up. If you’re in the Odessa, TX area and you’ve been procrastinating a car wash, put these ideas out of your head and stop by today!

This is a two-part blog post. In part one, we’ll focus on common myths about car washing in general, and part two will explore myths that specifically pertain to automatic car washes.

Myth: I Don’t Need to Wash My Car Because It’s Shiny

We’ve got some bad news for you — most cars have a natural sheen to them due to the fact that they’re made out of metal. In fact, it takes a lot of grime to hide your car’s natural shine. While the need for a car wash is expressly obvious in that context, we understand how it can be less apparent when your car, for all intents and purposes, looks clean.

The next time you think your car is fine (assuming it hasn’t been washed in recent memory), do yourself a favor and run your fingers over the surfaces of your car. If you’re expecting smooth glass, think again. You’ll likely be met with a more coarse, rough feel, and in all likelihood, you’ll have dirt piling up on your fingertips in a hurry. The truth is that cars get dirty naturally through normal use, and if you haven’t been to a car wash in a while, it’s probably time.

Myth: I Don’t Need to Wash My Car Because it Just Rained

If you subscribed to the previous myth, you’re probably someone who gets happy after a fresh rainfall, because hey, free car wash!

We’ve got some bad news for you.

Rainwater, sadly, might not be as clean as you think it is. While it will do a good job of removing mud and dirt, rainwater has its own host of problems, water spotting being one of the most egregious. A standard practice in car washes is to use distilled water because it doesn’t leave spotting like rainwater does. In fact, most experts recommend a car wash as an ideal course of action after rainfall. Bummer.

You Don’t Need Wax

Many people see waxing as a gimmicky upsell that’s mainly there to milk people out of money or provide a service that’s not proportional to the cost. Unfortunately, the opposite is true; wax is essential in preserving the longevity of your car’s coat.

The outside surface of your car is essentially made up of a few layers. There’s your base paint layer, and that is usually covered by what is called a “clear coat.” The clear coat is a transparent layer that generally comes standard on cars and is meant to act as a barrier between mother nature and the paint job.

The bad news? The clear coat is rather delicate and doesn’t take well to punishment. If you want to protect your paint job, you’re better off with a wax job, which is an extra layer that truly ensures your finish will be protected for a time. At Crazy Clean Car Wash, wax finishes are included and applied automatically. Consider coming in today if your car is needing some protection from the elements!

Crazy Clean, Crazy Fast

There shouldn’t be a reason to put off a car wash any longer. If you want your car to be in top shape and enjoy a long healthy life, you should be getting consistent washes! Fortunately, we offer just that at Crazy Clean Car Wash. If you’re in or around the Odessa, TX area, our car wash will thoroughly rid your car of any imperfections and impurities. You can even enjoy daily car washes that come out to less than $1 a day if you take advantage of our monthly passes! Stop by today, or purchase a car wash pass!

For more myths regarding automatic car wash systems, read on to part two!