Let’s not beat around the bush — you live in Texas, so you’re no stranger to the hot sun. Our good star isn’t the least bit shy in the Lone Star state, making its presence well-known every day with its overpowering heat. However, excessive calidity isn’t the only gift that the sun is keen to bless us with — it’s also ridiculously, astonishingly bright, which can be a curse when you’re in the driver’s seat.

If you have a windshield that’s even the least bit dirty, a sun that’s directly in your field of vision can completely obscure your vision. This isn’t because of the shine of the sun itself, it’s due to the fact that any particles, dirt, or smears on your windshield are brightly illuminated, lit up in such a way that can make it impossible to see.

We quite like the ability to see where we’re driving, and we’re sure that you also enjoy a driving experience that’s free of crashing into buildings, so here are some things to do if you have a dirty windshield.

Staying Safe When the Sun is Bright

DON’T: Drive “Ace Ventura Style”

For those who are uninitiated with 1994 action comedies, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective features a scene in which a young Jim Carrey, playing the titular character, leads a reckless car chase with a cracked windshield that’s impossible to see through. Instead, he keeps his head craned outside of the window the entire time. This makes for some good visual comedy, but we advise that this is not a viable long-term solution for driving.

DO: Get a Car Wash

Yes, you have the option of driving around like ol’ Ace for the rest of your days, but why do that (and incur significant neck pain) when you could just as easily stop by one of your local car washes nearby? If you’re in Odessa, Texas, you can stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash to scrub down your windshields, making sure they’re squeaky clean.

DON’T: Wear Sunglasses and Call It Good

If your windshield is rendered opaque by the sun, wearing sunglasses isn’t going to do a dang thing for visibility. It will help to shield your precious retinas from the radiant sun, but it’s not going to magically remove all the gunk on your windshield. You’ll still be able to see precious little, only now everything will be darker. Not the most elegant solution.

DO: Get a Car Wash

Cleaning all the junk off your windshield is going to solve the problem, not sunglasses. And you know what the best way to do that is? That’s right, a car wash — and not the kind that you do yourself, which can leave behind scrubbing streaks that could just exacerbate the problem. You need the real deal if you want that windshield looking crystal clear.

DON’T: Break Your Windshield Open

Okay, we admit one thing — shattering your windshield until there’s nothing left but a giant gaping hole would definitely solve your visibility problem. That much isn’t up for debate. But it proposes new problems — specifically, a bunch of tiny sharp ones that are now scattered all over your seats and dashboard. And let’s not forget about the fun expenses that will follow. Yeah, we definitely advise against this tactic. Not a good long-term solution.

DO: Get a Car Wash

Seeing a pattern here? We might sound like a broken record, but when it comes down to it, the simplest solution is often the most elegant one. Once again, getting your car professionally washed is the one surefire way to ensure that your windshield will be protected against the sun’s attempts to make you blind. Our automatic car washes utilize spot-free rinsing technology that prevents the spotting and rinsing smears that are often left behind by hand washes, ensuring that you won’t have a single speck on your windshield that’s susceptible to sun illumination.

Car Washes in Odessa Texas

If you’re in or around the area of Odessa, Texas, there’s no need to search “car washes near me.” Crazy Clean Car Wash has three different locations that are sure to be close to whatever area you find yourself in, and we have everything you need to give your car a fresh, beautiful wash that will leave it shiny and spotless.

There are many advantages to maintaining a clean car, and not dying from sun blindness is just one of them! And we haven’t even talked about the best part — our monthly passes allow you unlimited car washes in a 31 day period, meaning you could take your car in every single day if you wanted. If you need a car wash, stop by one of our locations, or pick up a monthly pass today! You’ll love having a sparkly exterior, a brilliant sheen, and of course, a perfectly transparent, smear-free windshield.