Ah, there’s nothing like finishing your extensive spring cleaning, walking out of your freshly scrubbed home, and then jumping into a dirty, messy, cluttered car. Wait, what?

Unfortunately, for many people, this is a reality because cars are often not included in the yearly spring cleaning agenda. With summer quickly approaching, now is a better time than ever to check that last box in your cleaning list. Having a clean car will make you happier, improve the longevity of your car, and provide a sense of completion to your spring cleaning.

Whether you’re cleaning the interior, the exterior, or doing a comprehensive job that covers both, here are some reasons why it would behoove you to have a clean car going into the summer.

Spring is a Good Time Because You’re Cleaning Anyway

The bottom line is that having a clean car should be a priority in general. While spring isn’t exclusively the only time you should give your car a scrubbin’, it’s certainly an opportune moment. Spring cleaning is a routine for many people because it’s a mental commitment to put in an extra effort to hit all the cleaning jobs that aren’t usually attended to consistently.

You won’t be in that “zone” forever, so might as well take advantage of it by cleaning your car! Whether you take it through a drive-through car wash or scrub it down hard yourself, your car could use some love.

It’s Just Going to Get Worse

It’s good to start the summer fresh with a clean car because summer is a prime time for your car to get nice and dirty. In the long-run, it’s easier to do routine cleaning jobs on a mildly dirty car than it is to do a comprehensive cleaning job on an extremely dirty car.

The Texas summer is guaranteed to dirty up your car. Bugs are more prominent, pollen will be happily spreading itself around, and if you’re the adventurous type, you might just be taking your car to more exciting places than you usually do. It’s nice to go into all of this with a car that’s already squeaky clean. Sure, your car will inevitably get dirty anyway, but you’re not a barbarian — that’s no excuse to not give it a good car wash every now and then.



Dirtiness and Clutter Increases Stress Levels

For most people, the summer is synonymous with adventure, relaxation, and happiness. It’s the high point of the year for many people. While it can be rather scorching in Odessa, Texas, it’s nonetheless a time that most of us look forward to.

Did you know that clutter and dirtiness has been shown in studies to increase stress levels? These two things are directly correlated with higher cortisol levels in your brain, also known as the “stress hormone.” Whether you realize it or not, a dirty car can actually subconsciously make you less satisfied.

Given that summer is the time we look forward to letting loose, every step should be taken to prevent undue stress from entering into your life. Cleaning your car is an excellent way to do that, and if you go through an automatic car wash like the one we have at Crazy Clean Car Wash, it’s something that can be done in minutes. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that car washes can be therapeutic unto themselves.

Ready to destress and enter the summer with a nice shiny clean car? Stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash today!