Some people know that summer is on its way in when the weather starts to get warmer and they’re greeted by green plants, blue skies, and frolicking animals. For others, the summer’s greeting comes in a different, more unpleasant way — hayfever allergies.

Unfortunately, people aren’t the only casualty affected by nature’s release of pollen into the air. Cars can also be affected by the finicky yellow plant dust, and the consequences can be more dire than you realize.

Are you in a location where there is inescapable pollen buildup? The temptation might be to just wait it out until the pollen stops falling, but that is unwise. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t let pollen build up on your car.

It Can Damage the Paint Job

Pollen in trace amounts isn’t a big deal. It’s not so much different than a light layer of dust, which in the long-run, is mostly inconsequential to your car. You can brush it off, wash the car, and with the right drying job, your car will be as good as new.

But when it builds up, things can be more problematic. When pollen clumps together it can get sticky and more difficult to remove. When this starts to happen, removing the pollen can actually chip your paint, similar to the way that dead bugs and bird droppings can.

It Can Get Inside

Somehow, pollen has the nasty habit of being able to penetrate just about any surface of your car. Again, this isn’t much of an issue if it’s only a small amount. But if it keeps coating your vehicle, it will find ways to get into places where it shouldn’t.

One such place is your car’s air filter, which is problematic for myriad reasons. First of all, pollen that gets caught up in your air system is more likely to make its way inside your cabin. For people with hayfever allergies, this is no good. While the filter will catch a lot, you still don’t want pollen-infested air being circulated through your car.

And, of course, if your filter gets clogged or stuffed with particles, it can also decrease the efficiency of the air flow in your car.

There’s an easy way to prevent this — get a car wash! Get on your phone, type “car wash near me,” and find a location that will give you a quality wash and get rid of that pollen. If you’re just about anywhere in Odessa, TX, you should be pretty close to one of our three self-serve car wash locations!

It Looks Bad

This is certainly less important than the other two issues above, but it’s still not desirable. While some people might not care about the appearance of their car, it can often be important, especially if you’re a professional. When you’re trying to maintain a professional image, you want to communicate that you’re in control of all aspects of your life, including simple things such as the cleanliness of your car.

What does it say about you when you don’t care about washing your car? It might communicate to people that you don’t care about the small things, that you’re apathetic to long-term consequences, or that you’re too cheap to spend money on simple services. It’s irrelevant if any of these things are actually true. If people think they are, it could hurt your image.

Wash Away the Pollen Every Day With Unlimited Car Washes

While pollen is relentless and often builds up as soon as a day after being cleaned, it’s better to continually clean it until it’s done falling, rather than let it build up and become a huge mess. There are few solutions that are truly effective at pollen upkeep, but we have one — monthly car wash passes.

If you order a monthly pass, you can enjoy unlimited car washes at our nearby locations. It will allow you to drop by one of our Crazy Clean Car Wash locations every time there is pollen buildup. You won’t have to worry about draining your wallet, because it pays for itself in just three visits. Got a pollen problem? Don’t wait around for it to get worse! Stop by one of our locations today.