It’s understandable if washing your car isn’t high on your priority list. Look, we get it. There are a lot of crushing responsibilities in adult life, and maintaining a shiny car can seem relatively unimportant compared to all the other stuff you’ve got going on. But with that being said, there are certain points where cars just need to go to the car wash.

If any of the following things are happening, it’s time to pull out your phone, type in “car wash near me,” and head to your nearest Crazy Clean Car Wash.

If You Find Your Car By Smelling It Instead of Seeing It

Everyone has those moments of forgetfulness where they don’t make a mental note of where they leave their car. If you’re unfortunate enough to have had to make the long pilgrimage from the back of the parking lot, you might not remember where you left it when you exit the store.

If, in this scenario, you resort to your olfactory senses instead of your good old-fashioned eyes, your car might need a wash. If the grimy, mucky scent of dirt enters your nostril and levitates you into the air, pulling you towards your pigsty of a vehicle like a cartoon character, you have definitely gone too long without giving your poor car the bath it deserves. Time to look for nearby car washes.

If Your Blue Car is Now a Brown Car

If you picked up a beautiful cerulean vehicle and took joy every day in its azure shine, you’re probably not too happy with the fact that your blue beauty has become a brown beast. Indeed, if you’re driving around a car that’s so caked in mud that there’s nary a square inch of its original, lustrous hue, you’ve gone too far. Luckily, there is still time for repentance — automatic car washes with Crazy Triple Foam, hand pre-scrubs, wax, and Ice Instant Shine will restore your automobile to the color it was born to be.

If You’ve Recently Run Into a Curb From Sun Blindness

Now, we know what you’re thinking — “It’s the sun’s fault that I was blinded while I was driving, not mine!”

But hold your horses, we’re not letting you shirk your responsibility any longer. Yes, a bright sun is blinding and there’s little we can do about it, but a dirty windshield makes the effect exceedingly worse. A radiant sun is merely an annoyance if you have a crystal clear windshield, but if you have dirt, particles, or smears all over your windshield, you can bet that our guardian star will try it’s hardest to make sure you can’t see a single thing. If you literally can’t see when you drive, it’s time for a car wash.

Car Washes in Odessa, Texas

While these three things are clear indications that you need a car wash pronto, there are plenty of other giveaways, and the bottom line is that you’ll probably know it when you see it. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Crazy Clean Car Wash provides automated car washes of the highest caliber, and when your vehicle rolls out, it’ll look brand new.

The best part is that you need not limit yourself to one wash — we offer unlimited car wash passes that pay for themselves after three visits. Want to come in every single day of the month? You surely can. Aside from that, our free car vacuums will help you to keep the interior of your car clean as well. What are you waiting for? Stop by Crazy Clean Car Wash today, or consider picking up a monthly unlimited pass!