At Crazy Clean Car Wash, you don’t have to look far to know that we’re pretty crazy about car washes. Our three car wash locations in Odessa have served thousands of clients, leaving them happy with spotless, shiny cars which are no doubt the envy of all passerby. There are some people who break their back under oppressive Texas heat, washing their cars by hand, only to have a car that doesn’t even look as pristine as the ones that roll out of our wash.

So, how does it happen? What kind of sorcery do we implement to make cars so clean and pretty?

Well, it turns out it’s not sorcery at all — just the awesome components we have in our Crazy Clean Wash, the most comprehensive treatment we offer at Crazy Clean Car Wash.

Want to know more about what we put into the Crazy Clean Wash that makes it so effective? Here is a rundown of the chemicals that make the magic happen.

The Crazy Clean Wash: A Breakdown

Bug Remover

If you live in Odessa and you don’t think there’s any kind of bug problem, let’s just say you haven’t been living in Texas for long enough. Bugs have always been one of the major annoyances for Texans, and the damage they do to cars is especially insidious.

Not only are bugs annoying and gross when they splatter against your windshield, but they can also actually cause cracks if you don’t remove them right once they’ve dried up. Bugs are an absolute nuisance, and that’s why we offer bug remover in both our Crazy Clean Wash and Better Wash.

Our bug remover has unique chemicals which are designed to break down biodegradable compounds. Within ten to thirty seconds, those rock solid bug stains on your windshield will wash away, and the black streaks they leave behind will be eradicated for good. Take that, bugs!

Fire Bath

Fire Bath is a special type of detergent with enhanced lubricity which is designed to not only clean your car exhaustively, but also leave a protective sheen that will help to prevent further uncleanliness to your vehicle.

Fire bath is extremely effective, but it’s also fun to be in the car when it’s administered because it takes the form of a dense red foam that completely envelopes your car. For a nice brief moment, you can feel like you’re driving through a cavern on Mars or a trippy time portal! Many drivers like the feeling of being safe and sound inside a car while it’s surrounded by cleaning materials, which is why car washes are a great idea for some nice post-work relaxation.

Wheel/Tire Scrubber

While most people tend to think of their car’s main body when they think of getting a car wash, the wheels and tires can’t be ignored if you want a car that looks truly clean. In fact, the wheels are arguably in more need of a wash than the body is due to how much dirtier they get. After all, your wheels are the part of your car that are touching the dirty roads in all moments, so they will understandably rack up a huge amount of grime.

Fortunately, our wheel and tire scrubbers are designed to play nice with wheels, created specifically to work in harmony with the hard rubber that tires are made up of. A key part of cleaning your wheels is ensuring that the buildup of dirt that accumulated between the tire grooves is removed. If the grooves on your tire aren’t functional, you will have less traction, which is unfavorable.

Removing this kind of dirty even by hand can be frustrating, but this special scrubber was made for this job, and when you roll out of Crazy Clean Car Wash, you’ll forget your wheels ever got dirty at all.

Crazy Triple Foam

If there was a “secret sauce” of car washes, the Crazy Triple Foam would be ours. Every car wash needs to stand out somehow — while we do our best to stand out with incredible prices and our unlimited car wash passes, our Crazy Triple Foam is also a key component of our success.

The Crazy Triple Foam does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to actually washing the car. While the bug remover and fire bath get rid of a lot of the grime that’s plastered on, the Crazy Triple Foam is applied in excess and scrubbed onto the car by well-programmed machines which are fine-tuned to hit all of the right spots. And just like the Fire Bath, it’s pretty fun to be inside when this crazy stuff covers your car!


What would be the point of a car wash if you couldn’t have it looking beautiful and shiny when you roll out? Despite the fact that cars are made up of metal, there are a lot of factors that determine how shiny they are, and truth be told, that shiny gloss that new cars have doesn’t take long to wear off.

That’s why we add waxing to our car washes. Your car will not only look clean, it will feel clean because of how beautiful its reflective sheen is. Not only that, but waxing is healthy for a car, functioning as a protective coat.

ICE Instant Shine

ICE Instant Shine is yet another tool we use to ensure that the nice, glossy sheen of your car is cultivated and protected. This stuff has polymers which instantly bond to the surface of your car, repelling water and dirt, improving the drying process, and improving visibility in bad weather.

Not only that, but ICE Instant Shine also makes cleaning easier, acting as a deterrent against dirt and grime.

Spot Free Rinse

If there was one thing that ever was the bane of car washes, it’s water spotting. This is especially true for hand washes — water is a cruel mistress, and it often chooses to leave behind unsightly marks after it’s used to rid your car of the ones that came before.



To truly prevent water-spotting, you have to use water and chemicals that are made for this purpose. Luckily, we have this in spades at Crazy Clean Car Wash, do you’ll never have to worry about a spotty car wash ever again.

Tire Shine

We mentioned earlier how our car wash cleans your tires extensively, but just like the body of your car, that doesn’t mean they look as clean as they could. But, you don’t have to worry about that with our Tire Shine, which is made specifically to harmonize with the rubber that tires are made of. You’ve probably forgotten how beautiful tires can look when they’re squeaky clean — our Tire Shine will remind you.

Cannon Dryer

Finally, when all is said and done, your car needs to dry off. Just like you don’t step out of the shower and just resume your daily life soaking wet, your car needs to be appropriately dried for the car wash materials to be fully effective. But, of course, nobody wants to sit around and wait forever for this, so you’ll enjoy having our Cannon Dryer, which will quite literally blast your car with air until it’s dry and good to go.

This is also advantageous because the air is equally distributed around your car, ensuring that no areas will look disproportionately clean based on the time they took to dry.

Car Washes in Odessa, Texas

Looking for a nice, spotless car? It’s time to take advantage of our Crazy Clean Wash, and all of the incredible ingredients it has. Fortunately for you, we have a location nearby no matter where you are in the Odessa area. Stop by one of our three car wash locations today, and contact us if you have any questions!