1. Summer Car Care Tips

    The glorious summer has arrived. And with it, the fun prospect of needing to put extra care into the health of your car. While it’s pretty much always hot here in Odessa, Texas, anyone who lives here can attest to how it’s even hotter during these summer months. That, combined with some other fa…Read More

  2. Why You Shouldn’t Allow Pollen to Build Up On Your Car

    Some people know that summer is on its way in when the weather starts to get warmer and they’re greeted by green plants, blue skies, and frolicking animals. For others, the summer’s greeting comes in a different, more unpleasant way — hayfever allergies. Unfortunately, people aren’t the only…Read More

  3. Four Things to Look For In a Car Wash

    When you’re driving a dirty car around and you finally reach that point where enough is enough, you may be tempted to look up your nearby car washes and just impulsively go to to the nearest one. But, before you pull out your phone and type “car wash near me,” consider the fact that choosing a…Read More

  4. Why You Should Include Your Car In Spring Cleaning

    Ah, there’s nothing like finishing your extensive spring cleaning, walking out of your freshly scrubbed home, and then jumping into a dirty, messy, cluttered car. Wait, what? Unfortunately, for many people, this is a reality because cars are often not included in the yearly spring cleaning agenda.…Read More

  5. Why You Should Never Wash Your Car in the Sunlight

    In Odessa, Texas, you’re no stranger to the sun. As massive as Texas is, you’re hard to find anywhere in our great state where you can reasonably escape from the sun and heat. While you’ve likely developed a thick skin to the sunlight, heat, and humidity, your car, unfortunately, has not. As i…Read More

  6. The Psychological Benefits of Having a Clean Car

    At Crazy Clean Car Wash in Odessa, TX, we’ll be the first to tell you that there are endless reasons to keep your car clean. A clean car can boost its resell value, prevent long-term damage, and promote safety. But did you know that there are also psychological benefits to cleaning your car? Our s…Read More

  7. 3 Situations Where Car Washes Can Be a Stress Reliever

    We don’t have to tell you there are obvious benefits to washing your car. Aside from the obvious benefit of your car looking much nicer and shinier, car washing can also improve the longevity of your vehicle by breaking down corrosive materials on the finish, preserving the protective coat and und…Read More

  8. When And How Often Should I Wash My Car?

    Everyone has different habits when it comes to cleaning out and washing their car. Some love the feeling of having a clean car inside and out, while others are perfectly content with dried mud on their car and keep it well-stocked with clothes, snacks, coupons, the list goes on. No matter what your …Read More

  9. Don’t Believe These Myths About Car Washing: Part 2

    Welcome back to our blog series about common car wash myths! In part one, we explored general myths about when and why to get a car wash. In this post, we’ll explore myths that specifically apply to automatic car wash services. If you’re in the Odessa, TX area, don’t fall for these myths and c…Read More